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Dumbbell Full Body 7.12.21

5.0|30 min|30 comments
Last weeks full body challenge workout was so well received by so many of you, that I thought it will be fun to make it a recurring theme. So what we will do is once a week I’ll post a workout to really challenge you and pus... more


Morgan 2mo ago
Killer! Great way to start the weekend 💫
Rachel 3mo ago
Nearly gave up after 3 rounds + a 30 min cardio warm up… BUT F THAT. Crushed it 💪
Alexandra 7mo ago
One of the hardest workouts I’ve ever had. This one was truly mentally challenging as well as physical. I am so freakin excited I finished every single two.
Shreya 8mo ago
Wow! That was a challenge! More mental than physical! 🥵
Sophia 1y ago
Ooof that was rough! I love the challenges

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