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Band and Dumbbell Full Body Circuit 3.27.21

5.0|45 min|26 comments
You will need a pair of dumbbells, a band, stability ball, and steady surface such as a bench for this workout. As always, this workout can be modified to do at home. Please reach out if you have any questions :) Warm-Up: • Run 1⁄2 mile, 3 sprints – 30 seconds each as fast as possible, 20x alligator chops, 20x standing toe touches, 20x gate swings. 20x windmills, 20x tornados, squat hold for 1 minute Workout Circuit A: Perform each exercise for 1 minute. Rest 30 seconds in between each exercise A1: Resistance Band Jumping Jacks A2: Alternating Lunges w/ Bicep Curl A3: Mt. Climber Twists A4: Lateral Squat Walks (resistance) A5: Single Leg Glute Bridges (elevated) A6: Lunge to Bench Step Up (30 seconds) Repeat Circuit A 2x 1 – 2 minutes of rest between Circuit A and B – No more! Circuit B: Perform each exercise for 1 minute. Rest 30 seconds in between each exercise B1: Jumping Mt. Climbers B2: Wall Sit with DeltRaise B3: Reverse Lunge to Curtsy Lunge (30sec) B4: Hamstring Curls (15 sec single and 30 both sec) B5: Side Lunge w/ Shoulder Press B6: Split Squats (use bench or box) B7: Kneeling Glute Abduction Series Repeat Circuit B 2x Cooldown: • Stretch


Tamika 2y ago
Loved it. So many different movements was great to keep my brain distracted. Cool down at the end was the best.
Alix 2y ago
Getting back into the swing of workouts and this is just what I needed. I took my time and felt the burn!
Lacey 2y ago
Hardest one I’ve done yet 🔥 💪🏼
Chelsi 3y ago
Perfect workout! A little of everything in this HIIT…just what I needed.
Kali 3y ago
So weird writing to an app, but you have a post partum mom here who is really struggling emotionally and working out was always my go to - have had trouble getting back into it. Thankful for your program and your daily positivity! Thank you!! For being my motivation what I’m lacking it

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