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Dumbbell High Impact Full Body 3.11.22

5.0|20 min|36 comments
Full Body
This weeks 20 minute or less workout is a high intensity one! There’s two circuits, each for 10 minutes. You will need either a barbell or a set of medium-heavy dumbbell(s) or kettlebells. You can still do this workout with a single weight as well (if you don’t have a pair). You will also need either a box, chair, bench, ottoman or stair. This can be done at home or in the gym.


Katie 9mo ago
Weights felt heavy today, hate that. But I know there are a lot of external factors and proud for pushing thru. Quick 25 minutes and feel like I'm in a better head space.
Erin 2y ago
So good! Have to skip the burpees too much action for my knee now but I’ll get there!
Zoe 2y ago
Saving this one! It’s a gem! Quick! Full body workout. Great sweat session!
Kayla 2y ago
Great quick HITT! I was feeling not well about myself today and this picked me right back up. Thank you!
Bridgid 2y ago
9:40pm at night. Our dog just came home from orthopedic surgery on her pelvis from getting hit by a car. It's extremely stressful, I'm terrified of getting someone else hurt. Not taking care of her correctly and super stressed because my husband is supposed to be heading to Moab till the 11th. Needed this workout, probably should of done something harder. Should be in bed sleeping but beyond stressed. Not sure what to do and I'm sorry I'm pouring my sob story into this. Need to get with the program and put my big girl pants on and just do it. Hopefully things will get easier as she heals. Hopefully she heals good. Stays healthy. No infections. Good.

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