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Bodyweight HIIT 9.20.22

5.0|30 min|15 comments
Workout: get ready this short but killer workout Burns like hell!! •Each circuit is repeated 4-5x! •No break between exercises. Rest 20-40 sec once round us complete. •And 60-90 seconds rest before moving onto next circuit. Circuit 1: 20 squat jumps 20 squats 20 curtsy lunges Rest 60-90sec Circuit 2: 10 pikes pushups 10 crab toe touches 8 single arm triceps extensions Rest 60-90sec Circuit 3: 20 skaters 20 lunge hops 20 side lunges


Molly 8mo ago
Pre-flight sweat is gold.
Carina 1y ago
Loved it for getting back on track after a recovery 🎉
Mariah 1y ago
This is a good one for a quick workout
Molly 1y ago
I keep coming back to this one. Added push ups during breaks.
Shelli 1y ago
Holy cow kicked my booty🥵🔥 felt amazing to sweat like that!!

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