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Gym Full Body 12.6.21

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This weeks challenge workout is traditional strength workout. What makes this workout challenging is the weight you use. The movements themselves are foundational lifting, strength, and bodybuilding movements. The movements themselves are the basics. Therefore the challenge comes from the weight you choose. This workout is recommended to be used in a gym or with access to heavy weights. You will do 5 sets of 5 reps of the following movements. Because we want to focus on strength pick a weight that’s challenging from the beginning. The last two reps should be a struggle to finish WHILE still having good form. Rest as much as you need to between sets, and use as many warmup sets as you need to so that your first set of 5 is at a challenging weight. DO NOT just jump into your first set with heavy weight without working up to it. The movements are: 5x5 back squat 5x5 deadlift (can do sumo) 5x5 shoulder press 5x5 row 1X failure push-up 1X failure dips


Erin 2y ago
Solid burner, I’ll come back to this one.
Janine 2y ago
Wicked workout!! Just what I needed before going out to a social this evening!! Thanks Hannah!
Lacey 2y ago
🥵 phew!
Rachel 2y ago
One of my favs !
Sarah 2y ago
Second time doing this workout and each movement felt smoother l, form felt more solid and I could feel more strength behind each movement even though I didn’t increase weight

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