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About me

Mom, pre|postnatal specialist, Trainer

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#community Hello there, my name is Hannah. I am so honored you have chosen to stop by and check out my page. Before you dive into my workouts, nutrition, and mindset guidance, I’d like to share with you have they came to be. Like many of you, I am no stranger to hard times. I was once a gymnast for the University of Nebraska. That is until I dislocated both of my elbows at the same time. This is only after recovering from breaking both ankles at the same time. I lost my sport, my identity, and my self-worth. I spiraled into depression, anxiety, and extreme sudden weight gain. It is no surprise that eating disorders, obsessive thoughts, and low self-worth found its way into my life. In fact they buried me. I tried every diet under the sun and did cardio for hours, restricted entire food groups with no results. In fact it I was gaining weight. This left me a shell of my former self. I am sure there’s been a time in your life where you can relate... feeling like nothing in your life is turning out, despite giving it your all. It was with time, radical self-love, and a refusal to give up on myself that I learned the secrets to to success in fitness. And let me tell you it is not a diet, restriction, self-loathing, or death by cardio. Hear me loud: you cannot self-punish or hate yourself into a dream body. My page, and my life is dedicated to helping women break through toxic diet and fitness culture. You are stronger and more capable than you could ever know. On this page, we celebrate all bodies, in all stages, the small victories, and the big ones. We celebrate what you can do, not what you look like. We celebrate effort and hard work not outward perfection. We celebrate adjusting, adapting, modifying, and making it work, whatever that looks like for you. Whether you do these workouts on your lunch breaks, in between breastfeeding, with the only free 20 minutes you have .... you are welcome here💛 Let’s do this fam #sweatisgold


My goals for you reach beyond the scale, beyond a physique, beyond a before and after photo. Those are the cherries on top, but I’m after showing you there’s more... My goal is to give you the tools to set up a sustainable, enjoyable, and practical relationship with fitness. For life, not just for a month. My goal is for you to see just how strong you are. How capable you are. How capable your body is. On this app you will get strong, you will be pushed, but you will be supported 💛

Training Requirements

My workouts can be done at home or in the gym. Preferably with minimal equipment or resistance bands.


Bachelors in Health & Exercise science with a concentration in sports medicine. Certified CPT with 3 additional specializations. Pre & postnatal training. Nutrition, Diastasis Recti & Corrective Exercise Specialist. D1 athlete trained and interned under some of the best strength coaches in the US. Mentored under pelvic floor physios and leading professionals in the pre & postnatal world. Have helped thousands of women find their balance and reach their goals.

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