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Dumbbell Full Body 4.27.22

5.0|30 min|15 comments
Last weeks full body challenge workout was so well received by so many of you, that I thought it will be fun to make it a recurring theme. So what we will do is once a week I’ll post a workout to really challenge you and push you outside your comfort zone. Remember you do not need to be perfect or to do the whole thing. This is just a fun way to challenge yourself. As always, if you cannot do the workout as is, MODIFY MODIFY MODIFY!


Kayla 1y ago
Omg 🥵 this one was tough
Stephanie 1y ago
That kicked my ass! 🥵🥵 just what I needed today !
Crystal 2y ago
Such a killer workout!!
Jackie 2y ago
Holy sh*t - after two rounds I was dripping. I got through all five rounds 🤘🏼💪🏽
Katherine 2y ago
Gee whizz these are harder than they look. Fuck off to the swivels they are tough! Loved it xx

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