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Dumbbell Full Body 7.26.22

4.9|40 min|9 comments
This is full body workout that will start off rather easy and become challenging as the rounds pass by. I was drenched in sweat after! There is a lot of core work within the exercises because of the unilateral exercises do... more


Leigh-Ann 1mo ago
5 ends! Ya Killin me smalls! A. 20, 25, 5th round 5×20, highest box B. 20, 25, 5th 35lbs x 7 C. 3, 6 D. 8 times E. 20, 25, 5th 30bs F. 20, 25
Rachel 4mo ago
Only had time for 3 rounds, but I still got a good sweat!!
Samantha 4mo ago
Holy moly 🔥
Lacey 5mo ago
Shew! Started struggling at round 5.
Megan 5mo ago
Used heavy weights and only did 3 rounds. I seem to get too bored with more then that and want to quit

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