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Dumbbell Full Body 7.26.22

5.0|40 min|14 comments
This is full body workout that will start off rather easy and become challenging as the rounds pass by. I was drenched in sweat after! There is a lot of core work within the exercises because of the unilateral exercises done. Working unilateral is necessary to help imbalances in the body. You can make this as challenging as you want by using heavier weights or increasing the reps on each side to 10 rather than 5 each side. You will also be able to modify and make it fit your needs too. Modifications in the descriptions.


Heba 1mo ago
Did 4 sets instead of 7 due to time constraint but either way enjoyed it thoroughly ❤️❤️
Becky 8mo ago
Fire full body!
Blake 1y ago
Love love love!!
Carina 1y ago
Tougher than it seems 😛🏋🏼‍♀️
Brooke 1y ago
Excellent workout! HR elevates plenty for a built-in cardio workout!

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