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Barbell Fullbody 6.25.22

5.0|35 min|4 comments
Quads, glutes, back, triceps and shoulders! This can be either a strength workout or a cardio interval workout! Both are fun & challenging. If you want this to be more of a cardio challenge, pick a moderate heavy weight for yourself and have no rest between exercises and a short rest after the circuit To make this a strength workout, split each exercise up and do it by itself with heavy challenging weight and 1-2 min rest between each set!


Kirrie 2y ago
Perfect for quick workout
Lacey 2y ago
Did this one as a strength workout and loved it!
Nicole 2y ago
Holy burn! My legs and shoulder are toast! Love it!!!
Courtney 2y ago
Brutal. Ran it as a strength day and it was a good one!

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