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Single Dumbbell Full Body 3.20.22

4.9|45ย min|36 comments
Full Body
All you will need for this workout is a single plate/kettlebell/dumbbell. This is a full body workout. Go through this circuit 3-5 times or set a timer for however long you have available and see how many rounds you can crank through. The first few movements will burn your legs and lungs, the middle movements will toast your arms, and you finish with a short but fiery burn in your core... only to repeat it all over again... and again. All reps are per side, modifications and form descriptions are in the movement descriptions below the exercise. Have fun, do what you can, and move your body! Overhead walking lunges Overhead Squats Frog Leaps Skier Jumps Bent Over Rows Explosive Pushups Seated Around the Wolds Seated Shoulder Press to Tricep Extension Sit-ups to Press Seated leg lifts Glute Walks


Brenna โ€ข 1y ago
Had to only do 2 rounds because of pelvic floor spasms. Iโ€™m trying to get back to my pf pt but the waitlist is packed. Wondering if your core program can potentially help? I bought the program about 3 years ago and it was very helpful but I think there might have been major changes to it and idk if I still have access?
Brenna โ€ข 1y ago
Perfect workout after a long week with a sick kid all by myself and while working overtime ๐Ÿฅต
Hana โ€ข 2y ago
Yikes that was so much harder than it looked. Really good flow, after round 2 body started being tired. Defo doing this one again
Sumaiya โ€ข 2y ago
Superb! Just what I needed today! Did the entire 3 rounds with my 15lbs DB! This one's a killer!!!
Bailey โ€ข 2y ago
2 rounds being 37wks prego absolutely had to modify but it was a good one to just get my body moving

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