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Gym Full Body 8.10.22

5.0|30 min|19 comments
Equipment: Dumbbells, bench, leg press, medicine ball Can sub to make a DB only workout if need be. If you’re needing a quick full body workout this is a great one to incorporate in! You will be super setting an upper body exercise with a lower. This allows you to move through your workout with little rest while also increasing your heart rate a bit!


Rachel 10mo ago
felt super good! all pumped up.
Rachel 2y ago
I absolutely loved this one! And I think I have finally gotten my form down for RDLs - my lower back didn't ache this time and I was actually feeling it in my glutes
Felicia 2y ago
Shelby 2y ago
Needed something quick and effective while my daughter took a nap and this workout was perfect! 🥵
Nikki 2y ago
Love it!! Quick but effective 🔥🔥

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