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Gym Full Body 4.19.22

5.0|35 min|8 comments
This weeks challenge is a full body workout. There’s not alot of movements, but there is a good amount of reps. The rep scheme on many of the movements is a descending ladder. As the reps get lower, the weight that you choose should increase. That’s the key to making this week out work! This workout is gym based, but read the movement descriptions for equipment substitutions and modifications.


Maggie 2mo ago
Great workout! I decided to max out on my back squat, since I haven’t done it in a while. 224 lbs!! 💪 I still got it 🙌
Nikki 2y ago
Great workout!! I had fun with the one especially the pull ups 😆
Jackie 2y ago
Whew what a burner! I was dripping of sweat 😅
Lacey 2y ago
Loved this one! 💪🏼
Kayla 2y ago
Great wake up call this morning thank you! ❤️

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