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Resistance Bands, Dumbbells, Medicine Ball Full Body

5.0|45 min|12 comments
Warm-Up: • Run 1⁄2 mile, walking lunges for 2 minutes, 20x alligator chops, 20x standing toe touches, 20x gate swings, 20x windmills, squat hold for 1 minute Circuit: Full Body We are at a point you should be working toward completing 12 exercises 2x through! Total of 36 min and you are OUT! These are my go-to sweat days after a weekend splurging out or if I feel bloated Circuit A: Perform each exercise for 1 minute. Rest 30 seconds in between each exercise A1: Medicine Ball Slams A2: Side Lunge to Bicep Curl A3: Lunge Hops (30 seconds each leg) A4: Mt. Climber Twists A5: Squat to Shoulder Press A6: Bicycles A7: Gate Swings (resistance band) A8: Side Plank Dip (30 seconds each) A9: Mt. Climber Twists on Med Ball A10: Squat Walks (resistance band) A11: Bench Push-Ups A12: Skaters Repeat Circuit A 2x Cooldown: Stretch


Chelsi 3y ago
Great workout. Ending had me a little dizzy but after resting I was fine. It’s been a long time since I’ve been challenged like this 😵‍💫
Jamie 3y ago
Sweat is Gold
Alyssa 3y ago
YES! Today I felt dead exhausted after the run, lunges, squat hold. But I stuck to it and completed the workout, it felt so good!! Thanks for being a great motivator 🙌😇
Alexandra 3y ago
Feeling the burn! Loving my Sweat is Gold resistance bands to give these workouts an exta umph!
Stephanie 4y ago
I love this work out! Definitely will be repeating this when I feel like I need to sweat!

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