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Body Weight Full Body 7.22.22

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Who says a challenging workout needs to be filled with equipment or weights. This weeks challenge is a Bodyweight workout. Remember: Bodyweight doesn’t mean easy! You’ll go through this circuit 10 time, but each time the reps drop by 2. You’ll start with 20 reps of everything and then work your way down to 2 reps. The beginning rounds will challenge your muscle endurance, but don’t discount the lower rep rounds. Less reps means faster turnaround which equals a different kind of burn! If you are feeling froggy, go ahead and add some weight! You’ve got this!


Cynthia 1y ago
Idk about anyone else but I LOVE ladder workouts 💪 💪💪🔥🔥🔥
Sara 2y ago
This is becoming my favorite workout!
Lacey 2y ago
Toughie but a goodie 😅
Kayla 2y ago
Wow! That was deceiving. This was a ‘I don’t wanna workout today’ workout and it definitely pushed me! I loved that the workout started with the most reps first. Kept me going 💪
Katie 2y ago
No words, just 💀. Holy hell. Simple movements but burned!

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