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Gym HIIT 3.19.21

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You will need a pair of treadmill, adductor machine, and abduction machine for this workout. HOWEVER, this can be modified for at home/minimal equipment. As always, this workout can be modified to do at home. Please reach out if you have any questions :) Warm-Up: Week 1, Day 4 • Walk 4 minutes on 4 mph to get muscles warm Workout: ***DEADmill, TURN OFF the treadmill*** 1. Sprint 30 seconds 2. Walk 1 minute 3. Sprint 30 seconds *** Repeat this pattern for a total of 5 sprints. This is a total of ONLY 8 minutes and 30 seconds. But you will feel it. So push yourself. Lock away negative thoughts and get it done. *** While you are sweating immediately go and get the following done: 1. 2x 50 jumping Mt. Climbers 2. 2x 15 plank pushups 3. 2x 50 abduction machine regular – light-weight, no stops 4. 2x 50 adduction machine regular – light-weight, no stops Abs: 2x 30 Reps each, minimal rest 1. Toe Touches 2. Leg Lifts 3. Side Crunches 4. Arch Lifts 5. Bicycles Cooldown: • Stretch – watch the video for reference


Jordan 3y ago
Dakota 3y ago
This 8 week challenge is NO JOKE!
Rylee 4y ago
Deadmills were a killer on the calves. One of the hardest workouts I’ve done in a while and I felt good to finish it!
Mica 4y ago
Got interrupted mid workout by a cranky baby who didn’t want to go to sleep but I still finished it after I got him down!! 💪🏽
Kayla 4y ago
Ouch! Thanks Hannah!

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