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Gym Full Body 10.26.22

5.0|45 min|18 comments
Full Body
Athletic Performance
You will need a pair of dumbbells, box/bench/stable surface, band, and a pull-up bar (can use machine) for this workout. If you are at home modifications and substitutions are included in the descriptions. IMPORTANT: the key to this workout is rest time. In each superset it follows this format: there is zero rest from the first movement to the second movement. Meaning you will go immediately from movement A to movement B. You will rest after each set.


Heba 20d ago
the isolated hold felt easy on the first set then I realized by the end that I extended my arms to become over my core. All I did for the next set is to keep my wrists over my shoulders AND THAT KILLED ME! I felt it in my lats and core and everything else, this was a fun one, thank you Hannah for always making it fun and challenging. After I do your workouts I genuinely feel strong and ready to concure my day in addition to a big smile on my face ☺️
Brook 4mo ago
This one is hard and good, had to modify but I will work up to the full exercise!! Love the last one!!!
Caroline 5mo ago
My new favorite finisher
Katie 5mo ago
Them glute bridges though 🙈🤘🏼
Intan 9mo ago
First time back from summer. It feels gooooooodddd!

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