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W7/D3 Biceps and Triceps Get Strongr 3.0

4.8|45 min|63 comments
Some workouts rest your body. Some workouts test your mind. This workout tests both. This workout is a litmus test for how we handle challenge, new movements, and a workout that is just hard. Remember you’ve got this 👏🏻 Mo... more


Cynthia 22d ago
My arms are jelly 🔥🔥🔥
Janine 2mo ago
Great! My muscles and body are tired from work, I lowered the weights tonight just to get through all the reps even though they were not my heaviest, I gave it my all with the fuel I had left in me from the work week.
Delaney 2mo ago
Small movements for big mood change!! Feeling good
Nikki 3mo ago
Ahhh that L-sit is so hard!!! I still can’t do it properly 😩😩
Shelby 3mo ago
Was definitely pushed in every way!

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