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/Get Stronger 3.0 (DCD)

W7/D3 Biceps and Triceps Get Strongr 3.0

4.8|45 min|56 comments
Some workouts rest your body. Some workouts test your mind. This workout tests both. This workout is a litmus test for how we handle challenge, new movements, and a workout that is just hard. Remember you’ve got this 👏🏻 Mo... more


Delaney 12h ago
Still working on a v set! Can do with one leg
Jackie 1mo ago
L - sit is getting better each time 💪🏽
Cleo 2mo ago
This workout gets me every time. At a glance, it doesn’t look too bad. But whew, my arms are done for 🥲. That conditioning is brutal. It always seems as though I’m my sorest when this workout comes around. The holds are undefeated 😮‍💨🙌🏽
Casey 2mo ago
For some reason I’m just not enjoying this weeks sessions. Most likely my mood more than anything else.
Molly 3mo ago
So HARD. But fun to challenge yourself 😌

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