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W5/D5 Optional Full Body Get Stronger 3.0

5.0|50 min|90 comments
Because week 1 we did the buy-in as your fifth workout, that means you get a new workout for this optional full body! We will be drawing upon one of the favorites from 2.0... more


Janine 17d ago
I went back to visit this one after 2 weeks off due to being sick. Since I didn’t complete this full body workout during the challenge, I wanted to get it done. Wowzers, it was challenging to get through, I did modify on the Pilates workout (down dog unilateral leg lifts) and only did the one full circuit on both legs. My glutes are on fire!
Bernadette 2mo ago
All I can say is WOW. Definitely my favorite workout you’ve posted yet. ❤️
Shelby 2mo ago
Loved this one!!
Delaney 3mo ago
First week back after being super sick! Felt good but had to weight down.
Courtney 4mo ago
Toast. I am toast.

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