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Buy-In Workout

5.0|40 min|166 comments
Before we begin this challenge we want you to buy in to this process. We want you to have a bench mark of strength starting today that you can look back on and tangibly compare to 8 weeks from now.... more


Paige 1mo ago
Love this!!!
Brandon 5mo ago
Lindsay 5mo ago
I wasn't sure about the buy in test, but I'm glad I did it!! Took me 22 minutes to finish today. I really pushed myself, but with good form! Good start to the challenge! I used a range of 15lb and 35lb dumbbells per arm, and did 5 total rounds of the emom cycle, with 7 squat jumps and 7 commandos. I did that in two minutes because I really wanted to challenge myself! 20 push-ups on my knees!! 🍑🦵🔥👊🥵💪😍
Alex 6mo ago
There are some typos and copy/paste errors! Just creates some confusion for those that are new to the program. I took screenshots, reach out to me if you want them.
Cynthia 9mo ago
Did everything with weights I have a home modified back squat to front DB squats. This is my second time starting this challenge I have no clue where I started or enelded last time but I felt really good with my stats. Instead of maxing out weight for some exercises I maxed out with the most weight I have at the most reps possible Front squat 64lbs 3 reps Deadline 64lbs 15 reps Seated shoulder press 48 lbs 3 reps Mod pushups 15 Emom 13

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