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Buy-In Workout

5.0|40 min|151 comments
Before we begin this challenge we want you to buy in to this process. We want you to have a bench mark of strength starting today that you can look back on and tangibly compare to 8 weeks from now.... more


Gabriela 21d ago
Ouch but so good! 3.0 buy in Barbell back squat : 135 for 4 165 for 3 Deadlift: For 4: 185 For 3: 235 Shoulder press: For 4: 35lb dumbbells For 3: 40 lb dumbbells Push-ups: Regular: 1 Knees: 17 EMOM: #rounds: 7 # on last round: 9 of each (10sec to spare)
Dani 22d ago
Using this to mark my workout. Ultimately focus on form and reps for back squats today though
Caitlin 24d ago
Buy in workout, here we gooooo: Back squat- 105(3RM) DL- 105 (3RM) Seated shoulder press- 20lb db (3RM) PU Hands- 4🥴 Knees- 10 Squat jumps/commandos- 10 full rounds (went to knees at round 9) 💪💪💪❤️
Katie 1mo ago
So good! I’ve been feeling so weak this postpartum, and I can’t wait to get stronger! 💪🏻
Christa 1mo ago
Dead 💀💀💀

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