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Buy-In Workout

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Before we begin this challenge we want you to buy in to this process. We want you to have a bench mark of strength starting today that you can look back on and tangibly compare to 8 weeks from now.... more


Autumn 1d ago
Starting this program again, and from last time I’m starting the same weight for some movements and stronger for others. Man am I sweating after that EMOM!😅😂
Jody 21d ago
Loved this! Excited to go through this plan 🙌🏼
Gina 1mo ago
Squat - 145 Deadlift - 165 Barbell press - 85 Knee push ups - 15 EMOM- got through the 8’s and was 2 reps shy of finishing the 9’s 21w + 5 days
Chiara 2mo ago
Ok, it helped me to understand how much strength and endurance I have now .. for prox workouts I should be able to regulate myself with repetitions and correct weight for me!
Janelle 2mo ago
Great! I liked working towards a 3 rep max instead of trying for the 1 rep max where form tends to suffer.

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