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W3/D3 Biceps and Triceps Get Strongr 3.0

4.8|45 min|131 comments
Some workouts rest your body. Some workouts test your mind. This workout tests both. This workout is a litmus test for how we handle challenge, new movements, and a workout that is just hard. Remember you’ve got this 👏🏻 Mo... more


Margaret 14d ago
Had to modify due to gym availability and ability. I was a bit disappointed about that... but still walking away with jello arms and that gym high!
Cassie 3mo ago
Conditioning was so hard! Modified almost everything but my arms are still shaking 💪
Kate 3mo ago
Some of the move were very advanced… thank goodness for modifications 😅
Rylee 3mo ago
Conditioning was brutal 🫠
Janine 4mo ago
Everything about this workout was hard! I thought I was a lot stronger in my biceps and triceps and turns out my weights had to be reduced to almost nothing. Today was a struggle.

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