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When Boredom Strikes

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Boredom is something not many people expect to be in their journeys so when it occurs they either quit or feel like they’re failing. You can absolutely have the strongest passion for something and still experience boredom f... more


Leigh-Ann 4mo ago
Totally agree with the random fun workout thing for no reason, haha but to find motivation to keep going
Burgundy 4mo ago
Love that you talk about balancing progress and boredom. Realizing that sometimes moving our body in a fun way may not be pushing towards a asthetic goal, it could very well still be achieving a mental goal (enjoying moving for moving)
Cynthia 4mo ago
This is why I love you girls! Not only is this all solid gold truths but I've been with Hannah's programs now longer than I've been with any other program or trainer and I have yet to get stuck in boredom because of the variety!!!! If a program gets a little boring I switch to another or mix them in together!
Makayla 5mo ago
Yes! I will be completely honest, there have been days in the DCD challenge that I've seen the workout for the day and done something totally different because I wanted to do something I enjoy. No offense!
Ashley 5mo ago
After coming back from a weekend ski trip that made me behind a couple days on the challenge, hearing you guys talk is great cause it helps me get re-motivated!

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