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Mindset 2: Cultivating Consistency

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Consistency Welcome to probably the biggest (and most foundational) topic we could lay out there for you: consistency. ... more


Janine 4mo ago
That was very informative and a lot to take in but excellent information to reflect on
Sofia 4mo ago
Consistency has been my huge hurdle; putting myself down because I did 3 workouts instead of 4 for the week for example, and feeling like I was lazy in doing so when life threw me curve balls that week. Thank you for this, for reminding us all of finding the why and to persevere. ❤️
Alleah 5mo ago
I started crying listening to this as consistency has been my largest struggle. I used to be a personal trainer and drove my self hard and after I changed my career I have struggled to find my self within health and fitness again. It used to be my largest passion and I thrived in it but now I can't seem to find where I fit in it anymore.
Burgundy 9mo ago
Loved this!
Keri 10mo ago
I always like to look at it as a small step in the right direction can lead to a positive, big change at the end. One step at a time! Thank you for this mindset monday!

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