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Mindset 2: Cultivating Consistency

5.0|45 min|47 comments
Consistency Welcome to probably the biggest (and most foundational) topic we could lay out there for you: consistency. ... more


Burgundy 4mo ago
Loved this!
Keri 5mo ago
I always like to look at it as a small step in the right direction can lead to a positive, big change at the end. One step at a time! Thank you for this mindset monday!
Tristian 5mo ago
saved this one for when i felt i needed it most. a big thanks to being one of the biggest influences in my life to better the relationship i have with myself.
Marie 5mo ago
Loved this one ♡
Elissa 6mo ago
I’ve watched this multiple times. I have always struggled with an all or nothing mentality. I had a surgical procedure done last week which in return left me not being able to lift any weights or do anything that pulls on my shoulder blades for two weeks. It crazy how strong the feelings of just giving up because of the pause have been these last few days. The last challenge was so good for me mentallyy but it’s still a process to get out of the terrible mindset. I’m glad that I’m able to realize these strongholds and keep going! I love that you guys mentioned consistently taking a year because for me it’s really been just keep going even with the amount of setbacks or pauses that happen in life. Normally I would start all over or back at the beginning but you guys have helped me realize that it’s okay - just keep going because that is life to have things pop up! I hope I’m making sense - I can go on and on - 🤣🤣

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