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The Basics Of Modifying

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1. Reps: Add reps (the number of times you do the movement) to make a movement harder, decrease reps to make a movement easier. You can add pulses or 1/2 reps as well. 2. Sets: Add sets ( the amount of rounds you do) to make... more


Janine 4mo ago
Great explanation and demos of the movements! Lots of useful information.
Kellie 8mo ago
Great video
Emily 9mo ago
Amazing explanation. Youre a great teacher
Jessica 9mo ago
I struggle with push ups and will feel so incredibly defeated. This brief explanation of what modifications I can do has already made me feel less stress
Taylor 9mo ago
Hi Hannah! I wanted to reach out and see if another challenge would be coming soon! Unfortunately, I missed out on this past challenge. I had Covid for 3 weeks then found out we were expecting. This first trimester has been pretty rough.. I would love to workout my whole pregnancy for the last two trimesters and was hoping that you would be doing another challlneg soon?!

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