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A Conversation About Discipline

5.0|45 min|30 comments
This week is a longer video, because it’s more of a conversation format. We have a discipline video in Get Stronger 2.0 and another under the mindset highlight that’s more structured.... more


Janine 3mo ago
Very good discussion, there’s lots to take away here. Thank you for sharing you’re experiences
Lily 9mo ago
I really needed this. I love the gentle firmness when you guys said lower your expectations/discipline to what your current fitness situation looks like. This morning I woke up late and it was cold outside so it was easy for me to stay in bed but I reminded myself that these are times that discipline needs to take charge and I turned off my brain and went. I didn’t have the greatest workout but I did feel much better afterwards and that’s all that matters. Also working on working out when I say/schedule for it so I am sticking to my word.
Makayla 9mo ago
You helped me view discipline differently. How I see it now is: big goals need big effort. In order to achieve goals, I have to be able to put in the necessary effort
Melissa 9mo ago
I love this. The reason I started this again is because I recognized that plain and simple I have discipline issues. This program has helped me get through the negative self talk during workouts, the excuses, etc. I have truly now felt disciplined which in terms makes me feel capable that I can trust myself to reach my goals here and anywhere. Thank you💜
Brandi 9mo ago
I read the fb post but realized I missed the video. I did NOT want to workout today. It was a rough day at work. But I packed my bag this morning and planned to go to I came to the gym anyway and listened to this as I walked the treadmill. That was all the energy I had. I'm not feeling much better but I'm glad I came and did it!

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