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Mindset 7: When Results Aren’t There

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What do you do when you have poured your heart and soul into this process and the results aren’t coming like you thought they should? Keep going. ... more


Kayla 4mo ago
Thank you 🥰🥰🥰 you guys know exactly what to say! ( also btw Hannah … those sweatpants are amazing! )
Ashley 4mo ago
Week 7, yay!! Love the reminder to think about why I workout and to remind myself to think of it as a consistency of something that feels good and is for me vs just something to get me stronger or leaner or whatever.
Tess 4mo ago
You guys are so awesome!!
Makayla 5mo ago
I've always had such a difficult time with comparison. From comparing my physical appearance, to the way I talk, or even my SAT scores as a kid. I've always compared myself to others and had such a hard time understanding why I felt so "behind." It's still something I am working on and it's definitely not gone, but it is getting better. These mindset talks really help ❤
Paige 5mo ago
So grateful for these reminders. I used to always judge the quality of my workouts based off how many calories my Apple Watch told me I burned. Most of the time I now leave it off and it has been the most freeing experience because now I can actually listen to how hard I worked or how much stronger I feel.

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