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W6/D4 Shoulder, Glutes, Core Get Stronger 3.0

5.0|55 min|100 comments
Workout: Military Press Seated 1-1-2 Shoulder Press ss. (Non-Push) Step-Ups... more


Brynne 2mo ago
Was not feeling a workout today but knew it would be good for my anxiety. Thanks for amazing programs, not sure what I’d do without this app!
Delaney 2mo ago
Getting back at it so hard!! Positive mind set the whole way today
Janine 3mo ago
I procrastinated again for an hour but finally got it done. The results are showing and definitely paying off and I’m starting to know and feel the meaning of discipline. This is the most consistent I have been in the last 10 years of working out even though I miss a couple of days here and there but on days like yesterday and today when I don’t wanna work out I’m showing up anyway. I feel my shoulders and core getting a little bit stronger but I’m still having trouble with unilateral lower body stuff it feels very uneven.
Nikki 3mo ago
Another favorite workout I can do again and again but this one is always so challenging especially that condition it’s a killer!! Amazing job Hannah!! Thank you!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼
Shelby 3mo ago
A nice workout

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