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W7/D5 Optional Full Body Workout

4.9|45 min|36 comments
Set your timer for 40 minutes or as long as you have available. Go through the following movements as may times as possible. Workout:... more


Cynthia 24d ago
This was a really fun workout! 🔥🔥🔥
Janine 2mo ago
That was great! I did three rounds, I probably could of got one more round in but I was interrupted a couple of times. The banded table top pull twists felt really good, they feel nice on the obliques, core and back
Delaney 3mo ago
Started my sixth round! Getting stronger
Taylor 3mo ago
Wow! That was a lot but I did it 🤘🏻 5 rounds
Samantha 3mo ago
That was crazy! In the beginning I was thought it was easy- but towards that middle/end I was shaking! Thanks, Hannah! Never disappoint!

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