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W7/D5 Optional Full Body Workout

4.9|45 min|29 comments
Set your timer for 40 minutes or as long as you have available. Go through the following movements as may times as possible. Workout:... more


Chelsea 5h ago
I surprised myself with 1 more round!
Delaney 1mo ago
4 and 1/2 rounds and 10 pounds overhead. The best part…the amazing feeling at the end of the workout!
Nicole 3mo ago
Man this had my number today 🥵 4 round in 35 mins and I just didn't want to do more. I almost wrote *only* 4 rounds but NOPE. 4 heavy rounds was enough today 💪
Cleo 3mo ago
Moved up to 105lbs for the slow eccentric sumo DL 💪🏽. This go around o was super sluggish, but I’m happy I was able to get through 6 rounds! Movement is movement, at the end of the day.
Morgan 3mo ago
7 reps and 450 cal burned in 40 min. Feeling strong and sweaty!

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