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To Rest or Not To Rest

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Knowing when to rest can be tricky. I was there was a standard answer that works for everyone and every season of their life. ... more


Janine 3mo ago
Great insights, as I reflect on the information discussed, I do notice my body operates at a more optimal level with more sleep/rest in the bank, than on 5 hours of sleep. Thank you for sharing great content!💚
Taylor 4mo ago
I loved this chit chat! This has been something that I feel like I’ve grown in so much over these past few challenges. I notice the times when I’m using its as an excuse rather than as a need.
Caitlin 5mo ago
Loved this. I have had some days that I know I needed discipline over rest 😂. It's hard! I feel like it's definitely something you learn about yourself overtime. Thank you 💛
Burgundy 9mo ago
Such an amazing reminder! I'm so glad you touched on this topic because I feel like it is something in most challenges that we aren't taught! It's not always about pushing through
Brynn 10mo ago
Such a good reminder. I liked the tools you gave to determine if you’re just tired vs. exhausted. Will be very helpful in the future!

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