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W8/D2 Back and Chest Get Stronger 3.0

4.9|50 min|48 comments
Workout: Seated Wide Arm Rows ss Single Arm Rows... more


Cynthia 23d ago
20 sec between rounds for conditioning scared but I made it with modified non eccentricities pushup but I made jt 💪
Rylee 2mo ago
Love seeing my progress when completing the workouts this last week!
Janine 2mo ago
Those Y pulls get me every time, I tried the band and couldn’t do it in full range of motion so I lowered down to 3lbs dumbbells and I still couldn’t do it in full range, so I picked up two 1lbs things and focused on proper form, it’s so frustrating, I thought my back was shoulders were getting strong but those Y pulls are a humbling lesson
Delaney 2mo ago
🌶 🥵
Caitlin 3mo ago
This was a nice Monday morning workout!! Thank you!

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