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When Motivation Dwindles

5.0|45 min|37 comments
Link to the 1% better story by James Clear about the British Cycling team: more


Keri 5mo ago
I absolutely love how you both incorporate more than just speaking about motivation, but speak about other important topics - putting in effort, baby steps, comparing, etc. love this!
Lily 5mo ago
Always get emotional during these mindset talks. It is a big weight off of my shoulders to know that perfection is not required during this challenge. Grateful for this community 💕
Hannah 5mo ago
I love love loved the Mario Cart analogy!
Candice 5mo ago
Honestly 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 makes so much sense 🤍 love the way you guys explain it
Brynn 5mo ago
Loved this reminder and glad I came back to watch it after I had a few busy weeks! The Mario kart analogy is perfect.

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