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W7/D2 Chest and Back Get Stronger 3.0

4.9|55 min|81 comments
Workout: Landmine Row ss Landmine Chest Press Seated Low Row ss Reverse Grip Front Raise... more


Rachel 15h ago
I haven’t done a more traditional strength workout in awhile and so this was a welcome change from your quick full body workouts I’ve been doing!
Cynthia 24d ago
That plate complex finisher 🤯🤯🤯🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪
Kate 1mo ago
Janine 2mo ago
Wooo! Made it through! That was good! Those Y pulls are so hard though!😩 I tried with the yellow band and being close to it while pulling and I can hardly do 6 with the band, my left shoulder just doesn’t have the strength so I modified with no band and last set with light dumb bells. What muscles are those activating and what do I need to work on in order to be able to do the Y pulls with a band?
Delaney 2mo ago
Small steps and happy energy!!

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