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W6/D5 Optional Full Body Get Stronger 3.0

5.0|40 min|54 comments
These Full Body circuits will always be optional. Workout: 40 minute AMRAP ( as many rounds as possible)... more


Kate 1mo ago
loved changing it up!
Janine 2mo ago
It was very good! The choppers with the band felt interesting and oddly good on the core for some reason. RDL with the pull to the chest on the last round had me questioning if I could make it as my form was starting to decline but I did 3 full rounds of the whole circuit and I’m happy with that!
Nicole 3mo ago
Only did 30 minutes, but got 5 rounds in and it kicked my butt!!
Shelby 3mo ago
Loved this workout! Quick and effective!
Lauren 3mo ago
Oh. My. Goodness. What a freakin burner 🔥👏🏻

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