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/Get Stronger 3.0 (DCD)

W5/D1: Legs and Core Get Stronger 3.0

5.0|45 min|109 comments
Welcome to your first workout! Remember to modify to your needs and your equipment, you’ve got this. This is just the first workout out of many, the first step out of a lifetime of growth, no need for pressure or perfection, ... more


Christa 1d ago
Looking a little like a new born giraffe walking out of the gym but it’s all good
Eiggam84 23d ago
Woohoo! Deadlifts at 205lbs...not my PR but it's been awhile since I've pushed myself past 200.💪
Jennifer 1mo ago
Best leg day yay 😤
Kelly 1mo ago
Holy moly 😅 this was a fantastic workout and I’m drenched. Sweat is gold!
Jen 2mo ago
My legs are hello and I'm sweating profusely. Definitely getting stronger though and I love it!

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