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W6/D2 Chest and Back Get Stronger 3.0

5.0|55 min|69 comments
Workout: Bench Press... more


Delaney 3mo ago
That was on sheer “you got this” over any motivation coming back from this sickness!!
Janine 3mo ago
The layout of these workouts are very well thought out and constructed together, the only thing I wish there was is the warm up videos for the specific day of exercises included, otherwise great content!! My shoulders, core and back are burning!🥵
Nikki 3mo ago
Woah! That condition gets me every time! 5 rounds feels like forever but I always get it done! Love it!!! 😆😆
Shelby 3mo ago
Loved it!
Caitlin 3mo ago
Great workout! I am trying to focus more on strengthening my back because I’m a dentist and always hunched over at work. All of the row variations were 🔥 🔥

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