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Week 1 Mindset: Setting the stage and managing expectations

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Welcome to the second diet culture detox challenge! Now I’m sure your expectation for this first video is for us to hype you up, build up, and set fire to the motivation that brought you here.... more


Janine 4mo ago
That was excellent and informative feedback and preparation for this challenge ❤️
Jillian 7mo ago
This was the best thing to listen to ever. ❤️🙏🏻
Emily 10mo ago
This is mostly what’s missing in the fitness industry 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Crystal 10mo ago
Hi Hannah. I was really excited to start this challenge as the goals of the challenge closely align with my own personal goals. However life got tough, quickly. I am doing this challenge to prove to myself that I am capable of self love and deserving of all love. I’ve followed you for years as unfortunately I can relate to too many of you traumas and hardship. Self love is not an easy task when healing from trauma. As I begin confronting my pain I am overwhelmed by so many emotions and fatigue. I want to follow your workouts but I have found that sometimes I need to what feels good for my body in the moment which is usually cardio. Endorphins have helped my emotions massively. I felt like a failure initially however however this is the first time I have felt motivated to heal. I finally
Rilee 1y ago
Love everything you guys said here. Listening to this again, for motivation to power though the rough week last week. I’m ready to try again!

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Releasing January 3rd for the Diet Culture Detox Challenge!