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Arms & Abs πŸ’ͺ🏻

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Toning Up
Abs & Core
Upper Body
Functional Training
Rarely do I take an entire day to isolate biceps and triceps….a true FEEL GOOD workout! Today, we will use supersets to keep the intensity high and keep the time under tension on each muscle group. ⚑️ Focus on increasing the...Β more


Bill β€’ 6mo ago
so decided I hate abs more than legs 🀣
Topher β€’ 6mo ago
Great workout! Thanks for all the workouts you keep me motivated and pushed !!
Aldo β€’ 6mo ago
Hey Coach Nick! Been holding off commenting. Liked the switch up with the arms and abs today. Please incorporate a little abs here and there whenever possible! The hanging cross body leg raises intimidated me prior, but getting better at them! Woohoo πŸ˜€! Coach I looked at your hybrid workouts. Looks interesting,but i kinda like doing your latest and adding HIIT etc here are there. Do you think it's silly for an old man like me to do your latest? Doing progressive overloads etc,but at weights i can handle. Anywho, soooo grateful as always to have you guiding me daily Coach!! Happy with my progress, especially my legs!! You're an inspiration to me!! Merry Merry Christmas to ya also! And our Steelers are giving me weekly heart attacks!
Derek β€’ 6mo ago
Curls for the girls… what can be better? πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ˜‚

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