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W1/D1 Glutes and Legs Volume Pump

4.8|60Β min|214 comments
Welcome to the first workout of the Booty Build Home program! I'm so excited for you to get started! This program is designed to build muscle and strength to your glutes and lower body. We'll hit the lower body 3 times a week with different workouts, work our entire upper body as well every week and do one cardio session a week to improve cardio vascular fitness & actively recover from our gym workouts. The program lasts 12 weeks and consists of 3 different periods of 4 weeks. Your routine will update every 4 weeks. This is how you'll make progress since the workouts will get a bit more challenging workout by workout. Stay consistent and you will make some serious gains! We got this! In today's workout we will get a lot of volume in! Let's get this party started and make results together!! Equipment: Bands and dumbbells. Always do warm up sets before heavy working sets.


Liz β€’ 1mo ago
Awesome! I love her workouts πŸ₯°
Vania β€’ 1mo ago
Wendy β€’ 3mo ago
Christy β€’ 3mo ago
I died
Ligita β€’ 4mo ago
It was good.

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