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Follow my workouts
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#community I competed in synchronized skating for years and started ice skating when I was 3 years old. Since retiring from the ice I fell in love with lifting weights and have been training at the gym for over 15 years. Through a huge thirst of knowledge, I started to educate myself and fitness became my profession. I wanted to share everything I know but also correct misleading information. I have helped thousands and thousands of beautiful souls to reach their health and fitness goals and I'm so super proud of every single one. I don't hide any fitness secrets. I like to speak the truth and call a spade a spade. That's why I started my highly successful wellness blog in Finland and because of a huge amount of requests I want to share everything now in English as well. So keep your eyes on my app! I'll share all the nutrition tips and fitness secrets here! You will truly see in what you get that there are no holds barred. Success is for everyone! I really appreciate the ability to move and workout since that hasn't always been the case. My knee had to be operated due to an injury and for almost two years I couldn't train legs properly. Just as I started to get back on the saddle my ankle got injured and I had to start another recovery process all over again so I know the struggle. It takes a lot of patience to keep on going when obstacles happen and I'm so happy to be where I am today. It hasn't been easy or by any means a quick road but at the same time I think not everything in life even should be. Remember that you have the power to make things happen! Don’t wait! Start working towards your goals already today since let me tell you - there’s never a perfect moment! It doesn’t exist! Gosh how many things I have missed and haven’t done because I have waited the circumstances to be better. But not anymore! Now I make small things happen everyday and no matter how small they are, they still count. We got this!💪💯


We are going to make so much progress but also have fun! Staying consistent is our number 1 goal. My favorite workouts are intense but short! As much as I love working out, I don’t like to spend hours and hours at the gym but rather do everything with high energy and quality and go home to relax and eat. I totally encourage you to do the same. When we work out, we work out properly! Try to give your all in every session and push yourself. That’s how we make gains.

Training Requirements

I provide effective programs and workouts for gym and home.You can work out in the gym with basic equipment or at home with resistance bands, body weight and dumbbells.


Certified Personal Trainer with a decade of experience working in the field of fitness. I have helped thousands of wonderful individuals to reach their goals and over exceeding them. I'm also a former ice skating champion placing 1st at the Synchronized Skating National Championships.

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