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W6/D3 Shoulders and Core [CHALLENGE WK 6/DAY 3]

5.0|60Β min|3 comments
[Challenge week 6/day 3] Training Day Overview: ...Β more


yangBAE β€’ 14d ago
Zee β€’ 3mo ago
10sx 5 toes to bar had me feeling some type of way for sure. They are a new goal of mine. Straight legs and less swinging. Sam you make them look so easy. Oh my core is so weak 😩. I’m a work in progress. If your work out doesn’t make you keel over at the end are you working hard enough? If you don’t value those measly 10 seconds that Sam and Noel give you between sets πŸ˜³πŸ™„ hard hard eye roll πŸ€ͺ are you even pushing yourself? If you don’t jump for joy when you read 90 second rest what are you even doing?! PUSH HARDER!!! LFG!!!! We got this.
Jessica β€’ 6mo ago
Definitely could tell which arm is my weak one! πŸ‘πŸ»

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