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Follow my workouts
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Hi there and welcome! I couldn’t be happier to have you! Before we jump into why you might be here, let me introduce myself. My name is Sam Sweeney. I am a certified personal trainer with 5+ years experience working with clients both in the gym and online. I am married to Noel Sweeney and together we own and operate Sweeney Fitness Gym in Minneapolis, MN. Just as many of us do, I threw myself into athletics for most of my life. I grew up playing competitive soccer through my first year of college. The transition out of team athletics is where I really struggled. I found myself grasping to anything I could get control of and in my mind I could control only a few things, how little I ate and how much I moved. I struggled with body image and disordered eating for many years after ending my soccer career. I started training for marathons shortly after. The more I ran, the more obsessed I was with how long I could go. I ran multiple marathons in this time period but I also lost myself a bit too. My recovery was a slow one. When I tell you I have seen both ends of the scale, I mean it.But this phase of life led me to the gym. In many ways strength training is what helped pull me out of a very dark place. It taught me how to shift my focus to what my body is capable of, instead of obsessing over the superficial. I have now spent several years participating, researching, and obsessing over all things fitness. The process of understanding our bodies and learning how to embrace them with balance is a tough one. It is not a “one size fits all”. We get the privilege of fighting for ourselves and the lives we want daily, that’s why I’m so passionate about this journey. Which brings us here, to you. You are the reason I am here today. Fitness might be our common denominator but we’re striving for the same thing. You deserve the chance to fight for the life you want to live. So, get ready to rumble. Your life is about to change and Im with you every step.


The goal of this app is to provide you with a personal trainer + training partner in your back pocket. The Sweendogg daily training posts will bring you a powerbuilding/hybrid style of training that ensures progression and prioritizes consistency. I want you to be able to rely on me for daily training, education, and inspiration. The multiple other programs on this app were created to serve you exactly where you are at. Muscle building, endurance, overall strength, we’re going to tackle it all!

Training Requirements

The daily workouts uploaded to this app are created with a full gym in mind. Many people have been able to complete the daily training in their home or garage gym, it just depends what equipment is available to you. Having access to at least a barbell + rack, dumbbells, and bands or cables will do the trick to get you started. We can help modify daily if needed, just ask! If you are not training in a gym, we have also included bodyweight and limited equipment programs on this app to serve you!


2X Boston marathon qualifier. NASM Certified personal trainer with clients ranging from college athletes to individuals in their 60s trying to stay active and healthy. Sponsored athlete. Entrepreneur and Gym owner.

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