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W3/D2 Back and Biceps [CHALLENGE WK 3/DAY2]

4.9|65 min|41 comments
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Tamara 1mo ago
I injured my shoulder last week and this was my first day back. I took it easy and really focused on the mind/muscle connection and felt like it was an effective workout despite not going as heavy as I felt I could. I omitted the burnout as my shoulder wasn't feeling it. Thanks Sam!
Becky 2mo ago
Back is on fire. I was so dead before that burn out challenge.
Susan 2mo ago
Loved it
Sarah 3mo ago
I’m so sad I had to run out of time to be able to do the burnout, but honestly praise god because I was DYING at the end of that last tri-set!
Serena 3mo ago
Whaat! Feeling so strong!!

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