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WEEK 5, DAY 2 [Upper Body Bodyweight]

4.6|30 min|12 comments
Tri Circuit: - Eccentric Wide Push Up 3x12 - Blast Off Push Up 3x12 - Reverse Plank + Reach 3x12 Tri Circuit: - W pulldown 3 x 15 - Behind the head fly (elbow plank) 3 x 20 (10 reps each side) -Blast Off Plank Tri Circuit: - Elevated wood chop 3 x 10 (each side) - Pike plank + reach 3 x 20 - Plank rotations 3 x 30 sec


Laura 4mo ago
Good workout this one was tough also hurt my wrists a bit
Martekuor 1y ago
I think you need a modification for the blast push up. I ended up doing a blast plank.
Sophiatey 1y ago
Arms killing and shaking now
Dawn 2y ago
This took me while but I did it! Good sweat!
Beth 2y ago
Wow! I did it! I'm sweaty and ❤️ rate is up. Great workouts. I appreciate the under 30 minute workouts.

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