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WEEK 5, DAY 1 [Lower Body Bodyweight]

5.0|30 min|11 comments
Tri Circuit: - Overhead squats 3 x 12 - Front lunge + pulse 3 x 10 (each side) - Squat hold 3 x 30 sec Tri Circuit: - Single Leg Deadlift With Knee Tuck 3x10 (10 reps each leg) -Sumo Squat Floor Touch 3x15 -Single Glute Bridge With Abduction 3x10 (10 reps each side) Tri Circuit: - Sit-up + twist 3 x 12 - Knee tucks 3 x 15 - Hollow hold single leg knee tuck 3 x 20


Sophiatey • 1y ago
I keep hearing a cracked sound from my left leg when I do the last movement , particularly when I raise it straight after I did the tuck in
Dawn • 2y ago
This was a tough one!!! 🔥👏🏽
Isaac • 2y ago
Hey guys! Just got back in town last night. Was out of town for work from the weekend so i Missed yesterday and monday. But im doubling up today and tomorrow to catch up!! Great workout today! 💪🏾
Lynnette • 2y ago
Great workout!!! I missed Monday so looks like a 2 a day workout 💪🏾! I may sound excited but i know day 2 is upper body … just pray for me 🥵🙏🏾
ROCHELLE • 2y ago

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