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WEEK 1 DAY 2 [Full Bodyweight HIIT]

4.9|30 min|80 comments
Tri Circuit: - Squat to toes 3 x 12 - Skaters 3 x 20 - Plank shoulder taps 3 x 20 Tri Circuit: - Split squat pulses 3 x 10 (each side) - High knees 3 x 50 - Single arm plank up-down 3 x 16 (each side) Tri Circuit: - Mountain Climbers 3 x 30 sec - V-sit punches (heels down) 3 x 30 sec - Bicycles 3 x 30 sec


Max 18d ago
Tashayla 2mo ago
Amazon day 2 was amazing !!!
Toniann 3mo ago
Last set was my fav
Vanessa 3mo ago
The app is not going in order of the work and has a glitter that takes you back to the same original portion of first set. Overall the wife and I enjoy your workouts.
Rachel 3mo ago
Got a good sweat in for sure! I was confused if the split lunge pulse was only for one leg since it doesn't say to switch. I ended up doing 12 on each to make sure it's balanced

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