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We are Juice and Toya- personal trainers in Los Angeles, CA, and together we own a personal training company; One Body LA. We began our personal training careers in 2015, after completing our bachelors degrees in Nutritional Science and Sports Medicine. We began our training careers with the purpose of helping to inspire and motivate as many people as we could to reach their health and fitness goals. We understand that everyone’s fitness journeys begin differently, with different end goals in mind. Therefore, we aim to create content that allows every individual an opportunity to get better each day- regardless of their fitness level. So whether you’re looking to build strength, build muscle, lose body fat or simply looking to get in quality movement each day- we’ve got your covered. We also offer modifications within our workouts, to help you safely progress to a more advanced level. Given all of this- the most important aspect of our training style is to make exercise enjoyable to help keep you consistent. Our goal is to create a community of motivating and inspiring people who not only want to create better lifestyle habits for themselves, but also be an encouragement to others in the community as well!


Our channel offers a variety of programs and workouts ranging from strength, HIIT, fat loss, muscle building, flexibility and more. We also provide you with tools such as nutritional information, motivational tips, and other small details that will make a big impact on your fitness journey.

Training Requirements

Our workouts can be done from the comfort of your home, at the gym, or anywhere that you have space to move your body. Our workouts range from body weight (no equipment) to using various pieces of equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, medicine balls and more. No equipment is required to train with us!


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