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Day 17 - 40 Days of Fitness

5.0|50 min|36 comments
Day 17 Squat & Push Up Only 1-Minute Add On Challenge Minute 1 – 1 Squat & Pushup Minute 2 – 2 Squats & Pushups Minute 3 – 3 Squats & Pushups Keeping going until you hit your max number inside a minute, when you fail to beat that number or keep going the workout is done. What do you get to?


Melissa 1y ago
Kevin 1y ago
Ouch, that’s gonna leave a mark. Made it to 10 rounds with a 75lb dumbbell. Went back down but had to drop weight on the 6th rep count to finish last rounds. BRUTAL
Blaise 1y ago
Deceptively challenging. 21 sets complete 🔥
Alvin 1y ago
30kg. 1-12-1. Heart rate went through the roof 🔥
Zach 1y ago
Used 75 lb DB. Worked up to 12 minutes unbroken Had to rest extra otw back down for 12, 11 and 10 but on track 9 to 1 Difficult for sure. Great challenge

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