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Day 15 - 40 Days of Fitness

5.0|50 min|39 comments
Day 15 30 Minute AMRAP: 10 T-Push Ups 20 Predator Jacks 30 DB Shoulder Presses 40 Skater Hops 50 Mt. Climbers 40 Later Lunges 30 DB/KB Swings 20 DB Bent Rows 10 Burpees


Alvin 1y ago
Nicely designed 🔥 15-12.5-10kg for shoulder presses, 15kg for rows, 20kg kb swings. 29:55 for 3 rounds. Sweat buckets 🪣
Yvonne 1y ago
THAT was ugly; BUT, got er done!
Joe 1y ago
Great cardio
Mandy 1y ago
I don’t know what I liked better, the workout or the commentary on the video hahaha you crack me up. Makes it fun and I appreciate that because the workout was brutal. A good mix of both!
John 1y ago
These ladder AMRAPS are awfully good! #325 / sneaking in the mobility with the lateral lunges is an added bonus!

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