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Day 20 of 40 Half Way Point

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Kathleen 2mo ago
Good word!!
Kevin 2mo ago
Great message Jeremy!
Kimm 2mo ago
Great reminders. Confession… I don’t always take my cart and put it away. 😵‍💫. But I have so much gratitude and thankfulness for all things. I have grown a bit lax in my eating the last few days. I’m finding it a bit discouraging being over 55 and how hard it is to lose weight. Maybe a podcast for us older women?! 😊
Theresa 2mo ago
Great message! I have always been one of those people who returns my shopping cart! I also throw my garbage away in a movie theater and on a plane 😂😂 Drives me crazy when others are not that way!
Delwyn 2mo ago

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