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Day 16 - 40 Days of Fitness

5.0|50 min|31 comments
Day 16 Filthy 50 for 50 Workout:... more


Blaise 2mo ago
Slow and steady. 50lb dumbbells and 41min 🔥
Alvin 2mo ago
10kg pair for bulgarians, 20kg pair for the rest. Did it with minimal rest in between. Toasty 🔥
Zach 2mo ago
75 lb DB 12 Rounds then came back down Had to take a little extra rest otw back down rounds 11,10, and 9 Very challenging
Zach 2mo ago
60 DBs for Split Squats Sets of 10 super set with DB Rows 5 x 10 75 DBS for DB bench super set with DB Deads 5 x 12 45 DBS for kneeling press 5 x 10 50 minutes including the mobility flow
colleen 2mo ago
That was a good one! Couldn’t do 50 for 50 so tried half that. Went with 25’s for everything except rows and shoulders. Was tough but got thru it!

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