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W2/D5 EMOM's

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EMOM ( every minute on the minute) You will perform a 6 minute round for each EMOM circuit. Within each circuit, you will perform the given number of reps for both exercises, and then rest the remainder of the minute. For example- for circuit 1, you will set a running timer. At the beginning of the timer, perform 12 drop squats and 12 suitcase deadlifts. If this takes you 35 seconds, you have 25 seconds of rest. At the beginning of the next minute- start back at the 12 drop squats, then 12 suitcase deadlifts. You'll repeat this a total of 6 times (6 minutes.) Rest for about a minute or two, then move on to the next circuit, following the same format. EMOM Circuit 1 12 Drop squat 12 Suit case deadlifts EMOM Circuit 2 12 Dumbbell push press 12 Wide row EMOM Circuit 3 12 Dumbbell swings 10 Dumbbell jump squat EMOM Circuit 4 10 Dumbbell sit up 12 Dumbbell plank pull


Nathaniel 9h ago
Friday early morning sweet feeling good
Kelly 1w ago
Tough one, I only did four rounds of the abs but at least I got through it
Julie 1mo ago
Good workout. I found the timer thing to be too complicated lol so I just did three sets of each round.
Ben 1mo ago
Jordyn 1mo ago
Definitely a challenge!—hope to revisit it feeling stronger💪🏾

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